Our Mission Is...

Just Medical has established its purpose and mission statement based upon its philosophy and goals. This statement summarizes those ideas and embodies those concepts in order to fulfill its mission. The statement is as follows:

In carrying out our day-to-day business, we will strive to...

...Serve our Customers with Credibility and Integrity:    It is our goal to provide high quality health care products and services in a cost efficient manner that insures value and advances the care of patients. We will strive to deliver on the commitments we make to the best of our ability.

​...Deliver Excellence in Service and Product:    We are ready to go the extra mile in meeting the needs of our customers, by providing unparalleled service and the best in seating and positioning products.

​...Treat our Employees with Respect:    We recognize that our employees are the lifeblood of our company. In order for Just Medical to achieve its goals, we will make every effort to insure that employees are happy and motivated. By providing a pleasant working environment and quality benefits, we ensure their loyalty and dedication. We will hire individuals who are not only bright and caring but who share our vision of being the very best in the business.

​...Provide Information and Competence:    We will become experts in our area of service by gaining an increasing body of knowledge and expertise that we will freely share with our customers, which in turn will enable us to see our vision become a reality.