Patient Lift with Sling

drive lift png.png

 Stylish and equipped with innovative features such as Smart & Safety Technology, this floor lift provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for patient care. ​

  • Available in power or manual base

  • Auditable alert battery fuel indicator

  • Object Obstruction Sensor, stops lift if residen or caregiver is in way of boom arm 


  • Weight Limit 450 lb

  • Base Width 42" Open / 22.5 Closed

  • Boom Height 17.5" -72"

Sit to Stand Lift with Sling

sit to stand png.png


  • Weight Limit 400 lb

  • Boom Height 26" - 81"

  • Base Width 40" Open / 24.5" Closed

  • Base Clearance 4.5"

 Our lift provides stable assistance in standing, transferring, and toileting. There are four sling attachment points​ to accommodate a variety of stand-up sling designs. Stable base for foot positioning, includes extra-wide non-skid plate. Easy roll casters for maneuverability. 

  • Fast charging replaceable battery

  • Emergency stop button

BestLift PL600


The heaviest duty patient lift. Ergonomically designed to reduce and eliminate back injuries among professional caregivers. Providing comfort and dignity for users.


  • 600lb capacity

  • Lift from floor and over high beds

  • 6-point spreader bar for extra comfort

  • Full electric lift with optional spare battery

  • Optional Scale

BestLift PL500



  • 500lb Capacity

  • Lift From Floor & Over High Beds

  • Two - Point Spreader Bar

  • 6 - Point Spreader Bar For Extra Comfort

 Ergonomically designed to reduce and eliminate back injuries among professional caregivers. Providing comfort and dignity for users.

  • Full Electric Lift w/ Optional Spare Battery

  • Optional Scale

  • Dual Front Casters

  • Power Control Unit

BestStand SA400


One of the latest addition to our Sit-to-Stand Solutions. Its ergonomic design ensures safe and smooth patient sit-to-stand transfer.

  • Wide lifting range

  • Adjustable knee-pad

  • Detachable and non-slip foot rest

  • Use with standing and toiletry slings

  • Optional calf and buttock support strap


  • 400 lb. safe working capacity

  • Full electric with optional spare battery

  • Compact base for easy maneuver


Foldable/Portable/Transportable Mobile Floor Lift



  • Foldable / Portable / Transportable

  • Smaller and lighter

  • Fits to car trunk

  • 400lb capacity

  • 2 point spreader bar

The BestLift PL400EF represents a new standard in full body lifts for individuals who travel or have storage issues in their home. It is a unique lifter with a small footprint and foldable design that assembles or folds in 3 simple steps allowing for easy storage or transport.