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Seating Solutions

Just Medical Inc. carries a range of seating solutions for both immobile and mobile patients. Our custom brand of Athena Chairs are designed to provide the ideal seating solution for all. The Athena brand of wheelchairs offers a large range of widths and optional accessories to ensure our positioning and mobility wheelchairs will provide users with a comfortable long-term seating solution. These are equipped with tilt-in-space positioning which allows the user to be tilted within their chair. The tilting feature of the wheelchair makes it a safer option for caregivers and users as the use of restraint is not needed, and users will be able to comfortably stay in their chairs. This feature also creates a way for caregivers to easily adjust their patients for pressure redistribution. Next, Just Medical Inc. carries a range of Drive Medical and Gentron wheelchairs. These include various high-backed wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, and bariatric wheelchairs. Similarly to our other product categories all of our seating solutions are available in bariatric sizes as needed.

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